Goodman Heat Pump Problems

Other than positive and satisfaction testimonials of Goodman Heat Pump products, there also many bad reviews and negative feedback revolve around Goodman Heat Pump Problems. That’s been said that Only Goodman products above year 2006 up to current from are built and perform better than its previous one. This shown Goodman that becoming one of big player in furnace world is important to valued its service and maintained quality products.

goodman heat pumpHowever many of that complain and underrated statement which still exist for nowadays product are claimed  Caused by various external factors, for the example: the contractors competence whom that installing Goodman product, lack of consumer knowledge about their Goodman heat pump care and maintenance, etc.

Above all Goodman still one of the best manufacturing group that provide a long year with fully replaced part or even whole unit warranty with their reasonable charge price of their furnace products. Understandingly that here are no such a perfect product in this word everything had their own strong and weak point but nowadays everyone had aware of the product which value for money. Therefore products which only sell their company name, compete in lower price, empty promise without quality and good after sale service won’t afford to compete in the market. Bellow here we can find common operational problem and cause on Goodman Heat Pump in Heating Mode.

Dirty Filters:
An excessive discharge pressures may cause high-pressure switch to function, this is the result of fail to keep clean filters and adequate airflow in the indoor coil.

Low Return Air Temperatures:
Low suction pressure and excessive defrost cycling was commonly caused by return duct-work temperatures that are less than 60°F which will cause low discharge pressure.

An undercharged system will cause low discharge pressure, low suction pressure and an accumulation of frost on the lower section of the outdoor coil.

Poor Termination of Defrost:
The most complained Goodman heat pump problems, is that the defrost sensor must make good contact with the outside coil return bend or a non-termination of defrost may occur.

Reversing Valve:
A reversing valve may not function correctly for the following reason, solenoid does not energize when voltage is present or no voltage to the solenoid the items should be checked is the correct wiring and connection.

The valve will not shift:
If you one at a time found valve will not shift, it’s commonly caused by undercharged thus check for any leaks. If the valve body already damaged / sticking then the reversing valve must be replaced.

It is true that to fix a Goodman Furnace no exception for Goodman heat pump troubleshooting, at some specific works and problem the professional technician is required. Heat pump problem surely are annoying when we experienced this furnace product fault especially at time when they are needed the most in winter or when the hot season since a Heat Pump works both way to warm and cool the air. Therefore by knowing common Goodman Heat Pump problems we can do our self some preventive action to minimize unnecessary problem with only simple inspection or maintenance.

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