Goodman Heat Pump Troubleshooting

While in some works and specific task are meant to be done by the expert  and certified contractors in Goodman Heat Pump troubleshooting, it is very useful if you are also have knowledge about the probable cause and it’s remedy so that the you can avoid same problem are re-occurred. However for installing Goodman Heat Pump we recommend that you select the reputable contractors nearby or please check out free estimates from Goodman heat pump installers partners if you interested.

goodman heat pump troubleshootingSometimes even when a customer had have called out a specialist technician or contractor to fix their problem the issues are not completely ceased, its mainly because the customer didn’t know how to treat their heat pump right from the start. There are also many cases arises, that according to the Heating and Cooling expert mainly caused by bad installation.
Let us get back to the topic, here find bellow the Indication, Probable cause and Suggested solution for some problem might occurs on your Goodman Heat Pump listed.

High Head Pressure Problems
When the Goodman Heat Pump having High Head Pressure problems it may caused by an excessive charge of refrigerant in system or there’s inadequate supply of air across the condenser coil, but it will also occurred when non-condensate gases were exist in the system. Therefore purge or pump-down the excessive charge, also make certain that coil is not fault or the air is not re-circulating within. And for non-condensate gases cause you may purge these gases from the system then recharge, if it necessary.

Low Head Pressure Problems
The Opposite mentioned problem above is when it comes to Low Head Pressure problems, usually it because your Heat Pump system is low on refrigerant, or could be the compressor valves had been broken already. The solution was simple please charge the system until sight glass is clear of bubbles, and or replace the compressor.

Low Suction Pressure Problems
Low Suction Pressure Goodman Heat Pump troubleshooting , at first please check the whether if the liquid line valve closed if yes, open the liquid line valve. But if you found liquid line had been restricted you should replace filter-dryer. Low suction pressure can be also triggered by the thermal expansion bulb valve has lost its charge, we can overcome this issue by detaching the bulb and try hold using one hand if there’s no liquid refrigerant goes trough it means the valve should be replaced. If there’s indication that the heat pump had low refrigerant test the unit for leaks and filled refrigerant after checking or fixed the leaks. Low Suction Pressure also caused by dirty filter, frosted up coil, flash gas in the liquid line or the air quantity through the evaporator are not adequate if there any indication of these probable cause please replace the filter then defrost or clean the coil after that you should check the liquid line size to avoid any excessive liquid line drop before you increased the blower speed.

High Suction Pressure Problems
While high suction pressure issue might caused by the expansion valve which stuck open, valve bulb not in contact with suction line and the discharge valve which leaking/broken. To fix this problem Goodman Heat Pump troubleshooting suggest you to correct valve action or replace the valve, and then fasten bulb securely to suction line but you should replace the leaking / broken compressor valve.

Compressor will not start
Don’t be panic when the compressor won’t start, what you should check is the disconnect switch should be closed if the disconnect switch are in normal position the fuse might already broken check the indication for failure fuse and replace if it already blown. Sometimes when the thermostat setting is too high the compressor also won’t start normally therefore adjust and lower the temperature setting not to mention that the selector switch are should always turned in COOL position rather than OFF. Check the possibility or failure indication for the connector and relay coils but if everything was normal it might only loose or open electrical connection, check that there are no bad contact the control and power switch.
Goodman Heat Pump problems also can be minimized from the start by avoiding “bad installation factor” risk, that’s why it’s our job to select the well known and reputable HVAC Contractors for that one. Compare the local expert nearby and  Get free estimates from Goodman heat pump installers which there, you might find interesting deals.

The conclusions is that, there are a lot of money you can save by done simple maintenance and troubleshooting of your heat pump without calling out the technician to your house for just a simple problems. Goodman Heat Pump troubleshooting and routine inspection by following the user guide and Goodman Heat Pump manuals are not that difficult aren’t they?

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