Goodman Heat Pump Warranty

Buying a new heat pump used to require a critical thinking and wise choice but now,  Goodman-mfg with its Goodman heat pump warranty takes you out from that hardship because it gives you a wide variety of options without thinking too much about your future problems with your heat pump system.

goodman heat pump warrantyIf your heat pump does not work well nor has an un-induced damage, have it replaced by a new one. It is easy. Plus, it comes with a 10 year expiration right after your purchase. But please remember after the installation you have to register the product first within sixty (60) days (online registration), except for in California or Quebec where online registration is not required.

Buying a Goodman heat pump and with its warranty, will surely free you from any burden a consumer might carry from repairing a product when it breaks down, free the risk from money you might spend on Goodman heat pump troubleshooting cost. And you will be sure that you would not only have a wonderful product which has a very long time warranty offer but you would also have a very functional one indeed. Goodman heat pumps are very affordable and energy saving. Your Goodman heat pump would cost you less, not only 5% or 10%, but an amazing 50%! Wow, that is sure one big of a saving. Wouldn’t that amount give you a smile on your face and a bigger smile on your wallet?

Find bellow the quotes from Goodman statement related to their climate control product warranty:


All functional parts on Goodman® brand Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps and Gas Furnaces are covered by a 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty.

* In addition, several Goodman brand Air Conditioner and Heat Pump models are backed by a Lifetime Compressor Limited Warranty.

* This means that if the compressor ever fails to the original, registered homeowner, a new compressor will be provided at no charge for as long as they own their home.

Several Goodman brand Gas Furnace models also feature a Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty.

* Should the heat exchanger ever fail to the original registered homeowner, a new heat exchanger will be provided at no charge for as long as they own their home.

Beyond this coverage, several Goodman brand models are backed with a 10-Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranty.

* Should the compressor or heat exchanger fail to the original, registered homeowner in the first decade of use, a new unit will be provided at no charge.

Did your heat pump break out exactly after a month your 5-year warranty expired? This would be a very frustrating situation a consumer would be into. Then the question would be “why did you chose that heat pump anyway” when out there the Goodman heat pump warranty lasts as long as 10 years instead.

On the field of  HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) no other company surpass the Goodman when it comes to limited warranties. Goodman Heat Pumps had been the first to offer a 10-year warranty on its heat pump products and is the only company to offer a lifetime warranty on its selected products. Yes, the company is not joking when they say ten (10) years of warranty and a lifetime warranty on some other products. See how amazing this company is? This only shows that this company and its product are very dedicated to give you, its consumers and customers, reliable and high-quality products.

Upon buying a Goodman heat pump, you are not only assured of a high-quality product but also get the best any company might offer. There are a wide variety of Goodman heat pumps residential products offered on the market, each of which have features and designs suitable for you. Pick your choice and you are surely good to go. A lot of people go for companies that offer a wide variety of options and has lots of benefits. Goodman would be this company. Goodman heat pumps warranty would surely give you the best in the long run.

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